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Don’t take our word for it, listen to what the pros think!

Mike Tomlin, Head Coach Pittsburgh Steelers

“The applications we are quickly finding are really endless, you know it never gets tired, it runs at an appropriate football speed.  All the position groups are getting an opportunity to use it, and it’s funny you really just put it on the field and watch the guys and they show you the applications… they say hey get it to do this, it has been fun over the last several days watching that grow.”

Bruce Arians, Head Coach Arizona Cardinals

“Well to me it’s not the toughness, it’s the tackling. Tackling is a lost art, guys don’t know how to use their arms. There’s a great new invention of mobile dummies, that you can actually remote control and they can tackle moving targets and do that all spring. So I think that’s a great new invention to help the game to teach how to tackle at all levels, but probably too expensive for junior high. But that’s a great new invention. I think you’ll continue to see those types of innovations in the sport where tackling becomes a better art form.

On why he decided to have the remote-control dummies?

“Just seeing the technology. Being able to hit a moving target. We’ve used the donuts that came out last year, they really helped guys put their on the side. But it’s not the same as going to the ground, taking something to the ground and getting your body accustomed to going to the ground without using your head.”

Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly

“They’re worth their weight in gold.”

Rich Rodriguez, Head Coach University of Arizona

“I think it is the greatest piece of football equipment that has been invented in the last couple years, I think it’s the cat’s meow, we could use it for a lot of things: tackling drills, pass rush… probably every NFL team has them… and we have 5 of them I told my coaches that they are expensive and very valuable so they should use them and I think they will.”

University of Ottawa Head Coach Jamie Barresi

“It speaks volumes to what our school is doing to promote player safety,” says uOttawa Head Coach Jamie Barresi. “When I made the request, and outlined the positives for our players’ health, it was a very fast yes from our department.”

University of Wisconsin 

“You can use it for a quarterback, too, to move the pocket,” said UW equipment manager Mark Peeler, who got positive feedback on the MVP from Pittsburgh Steelers personnel during the Badgers’ pro day.

“It can move on a dime,” Peeler added. “We’ve even had a couple of managers race it.”