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The MVP will revolutionize your football practices

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Defensive Line Drills

The MVP is the first ever self-righting (will stand right back up) mobile training dummy. Controlled with a remote, and powered by a motor, this innovative device can move at the speed of your opponent (~5 second 40-yard dash), while weighing over 140 pounds.

By simulating human motion, the MVP allows players to practice tackling, cutting around, throwing at, and blocking a mobile target.

We are developing a suite of MVPs that can be used for football, rugby, on grass and on turf, and for all ages and abilities.

Some sample drills for many positions:

QB: Simulate a pass rush from two DEs, passing pocket mobility drills, run routes and catch ball in “Catch Net”

RB: Simulate a blitzing linebacker to block, avoid MVP when hitting the hole

WR: Release and stack, mirror drill to simulate blocking a DB/LB, distraction drill, run route against MVP (swim/big arm)

OL: Practice cut blocking on screen pass, DE/DT pass rush, 1 on 1’s against DL with MVP as the QB

DL: Simulate the QB in pocket, OL taking his pass set

LB: Angle tackling drills, RB in Oklahoma tackling drill, open field tackling

DB: Two MVPs simulate a route combination, angle tackling drills, open field tackling, pursuit angles

Athlete: Agility training, endurance running, pacer

There are countless potential uses for MVP. Ask us if you’d like any more suggestions. We are currently developing an “on-ramp” video that demonstrates the most effective uses.

If you have thought of your own creative uses and drills for the MVP we would love to hear them!

Email: info@mobilevirtualplayer.com

The Mobile Virtual Player has two patents pending.