New Age of Rugby

Rugby Training Made Smarter

“It is exciting to see the equipment that’s being used in sports develop in response to the growing need that athletes have to protect their bodies; protect their heads while still being able to get valuable practice reps and be able to practice their technique in an environment that’s going to make it safe for them as an athlete.”

-Madison Hughes
USA Eagles 7’s Captain


“The MVP has really helped me with my rugby team. We have a strict four-step tackling technique where we teach safe tackling. Last year the players had to tackle each other and one of our players ended up with soft tissue damage, so I let them tackle me, which made for a long day. I saw the tackling dummy and we were one of the first rugby teams to get one… It has reduced a lot of our injuries this season.” 

– Santos Trujillo
   US Navy SEAL 
   Coronado Rugby Head Coach


“Is this the future of rugby training? My club needs one of these!”

– USA Sevens Rugby